About Me

Well, who is this guy? Who is this Matheus ?

I am a software engineer that love this tech subjection. I like to code, I like to read about code, about programming languages, frameworks, IDEs (but I always ended with vim :) ) and many other things related with. I also play Guitar and Bass with my coleagues at work on our “office band”.

Why I created this blog ?

I saw that I like to do many things related to code but (there is always a but) I didn’t have many dicipline to try the new framework that everybody is using very deep, it’s always superficial, I read part of the doc then I do not use it give the right chance for it.

So I thought that maybe writing a blog about this I will push myself harder to give the right chance to some new framework or programming language and share with others my experience with it.

Also I have a friend that personally inspired me do that. (Hey, thanks Nic).

That’s it, hope you like it and let’s code.

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About Matheus Cruz Rocha
Software Engineer - Guitar & Bass Player
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